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Escrow agreement (with Burger King)
18 October 2014 - If the parties want to conclude a purchase agreement, but there is still uncertainty about certain circumstances that may affect the value of an object, there is the possibility of placing a part of the purchase price with an independent party "in escrow". In that case, the parties conclude an agreement that states when...
No criminal prosecution possible after alcohol lock
24 September 2014 - The court in The Hague ruled on 22 September 2014 that in all cases where an alcohol lock was imposed by the CBR, the prohibition of double punishment applies. This means that motorists can not be prosecuted in addition to the alcohol lock, regardless of the actual circumstances of the motorist concerned.
Directors liability (Spanish villa and Tulip Air Lease)
15 September 2014 - I previously discussed the directors' liability in my blog on 6 February 2014. This blog will go into this in more detail. First I will briefly explain the range of different forms of directors' liability, after which I end up with the external director's liability on the grounds of Section 6: 162 of the Dutch Civil Code. The Supreme Court has clarified this form of liability in two recent judgments, which makes this subject current.
Does the resignation of a director also mean the end of the management agreement?
7 August 2014 - Below is an answer to the question whether the dismissal of a director also means that the management agreement between the company and the management BV of the director ends by operation of law. The director of a company occupies a special position since there is a double legal relationship with the company.