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No guarantee but still "guarantee"?
14 December 2015 - If you as a consumer buy something without a guarantee, for example a car, that does not mean that you have no rights at all if something goes wrong. If you have bought a car that does not comply with the agreement, there can be "non-conformity" and the agreement can still be dissolved and as a buyer you can still get your money back.
Was it a loan or a gift?
2 February 2015 - It happens with some regularity that people with problems receive money from a friend or family member. Sometimes, afterwards, uncertainty arises as to whether it was a gift or a loan. The court of appeal of Arhnem-Leeuwarden recently ruled on such a case. These were two brothers-in-law. One brother-in-law had transferred € 25,000 to the other...
Sun, sea and a stolen speedboat
25 December 2014 - Arend was in possession of a Baja which he had bought in 2006 for € 65,000. A Baja is a fast speed boat of the type that is popular with drug smugglers and is mainly known from the television series Miami Vice. Five years after the purchase, in September 2011 (fortunately just after the sailing season) was the boat in the harbour by the water police confiscated because he would have been stolen.
Route 66(6)
17 November 2014 - For some people, it is a big wish to ride a motorbike once in their life on the Route 66 from Chicago to the Santa Monica beach in Los Angeles. It is a beautiful historic route of nearly 4000 km, across the United States. For this reason package tours are offered for adventurous people.